Embassy of Japan in the United Arab Emirates
P.O. Box 2430, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel: (971-2) 4435696 Fax: (971-2) 4434219

Email (for general enquiries):

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visa section's open hours: 8:30a.m.-1:30p.m. (except Friday, Saturday and Holidays as written on the below list)







Holidays (2014)

January 1-2 New Year Holidays
January 12 ☆Prophet's Birthday
February 11 Japan National Foundation Day
April 29 Showa no Hi (Showa period Emperor's birthday
May 25 ☆Al Isra Wa Al Miraj
July 21 Marine Day
July 28-30 ☆Eid Al Fitr
September 15 Respect for Aged Day
October 3 ☆Arafat Day
October 4-6 ☆Eid Al Adha
October 25 ☆Islamic New Year
November 23 Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 2-3 UAE National Day
December 29-31 End of Year


  Holidays with ☆ signs could be shifted to the other day due to the  Islamic calender