About Us



Address: P.O. Box 2430, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

TEL: (971-2) 4435696 
FAX: (971-2) 4434219 
E-mail: embjpn@ab.mofa.go.jp (for general enquiries)

Opening hours

Visa Section 8:30-13:30  (Excluding Friday, Saturday and Embassy holidays)
 ※From August 1, 2017, we extend our working hours till 16:00 on every Wednesday (except in the Holy Month of Ramadan),
only for certain services (mainly related to the Japanese citizens) such as receiving the new passport, the election card and the textbooks.

Embassy 8:00-17:00 (Excluding Friday, Saturday and Embassy holidays)

Telephone Enquiries 8:00-15:30  (Excluding Friday, Saturday and Embassy holidays)

E-mail for visa enquiries: consular@ab.mofa.go.jp
 ※It may take a while for us to send replies due to the large volume of enquiries.

E-mail for Support for Japanese companies / Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment in Japan: embjpn@ab.mofa.go.jp(Mr. Koichi Kishiwada)

Emergency Contact (※only serious case involving human lives)
TEL: (971-2) 4435696 

Embassy's Holidays

Embassy’s weekend:Friday and Saturday

New Year’s Day 1st January (Wed)
New Year’s Holiday in Japan 2nd January (Thu)
Emperor's Birthday in Japan 23rd February (Sun)
☆Eid Al-Fitr Public Holiday 24th May (Sun)
☆Eid Al-Fitr Public Holiday 25th May (Mon)
☆Eid Al-Fitr Public Holiday 26th May (Tue)
☆Arafat Day 30th July (Thu)
☆Eid Al-Adha Holiday 2nd August (Sun) 
Mountain Day in Japan 10th August (Mon) 
☆Islamic New Year’s Day 23rd August (Sun)
Respect for the Aged Day in Japan 21st September (Mon)
Autumnal Equinox Day in Japan 22nd September (Tue)
☆Prophet's Birthday 29th October (Thu)
Culture Day in Japan 3rd November (Tue)
Labour Thankgiving Day in Japan 23rd November (Mon)
Martyrs’ Day 1st December (Tue)
National Day of the United Arab Emirates 2nd December (Wed)
National Day of the United Arab Emirates 3rd December (Thu)
Year-End Holiday in Japan 29th December (Tue)
Year-End Holiday in Japan 30th December (Wed)
Year-End Holiday in Japan 31st December (Thu)

Holidays with ☆ signs are Islamic holidays and subject to change.

Consulate-General of Japan in Dubai

Consulate-General of Japan
28th Floor, Dubai World Trade Centre Building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(P.O. Box 9336)

TEL: (971-4) 2938888
FAX: (971-4) 3319292