1st August 2017

New Japanese Language Courses start again in Autumn 2017

New Japanese Language Courses will start again on 10th September, 2017

Class schedule


  * Each first class  
       Level 1: Wednesday 13th September, Level 2: Tuesday 12th September, Level 3: Sunday 10th September,
       Level 4: Wednesday 13th September, Level 5: Tuesday 12th September, Level 6: Sunday 10th September, 
       Pre-Intermediate: Monday 11th September, Intermediate: Thursday 14th September,  Advanced: Monday 11th September

How to apply
  Step1: Check Guidelines for Applicants from here
  Step2: Check Class schedule
  Step3: If you are not a beginner and not sure about your level, please click here for the level check sheet.
  Step4: Download application from, please click here.
  Step5: Send your application to Embassy staff till Deadline of submission is 31st August, 2017
  *For high school students, Consent form is available here.
  *Courses will be conducted at Abu Dhabi Japanese School (map).